Jay Collins and Northern Resistance

Jay Collins and the Northern Resistance is composed of the finest young rock and roll players in the Catskill region of upstate NY, namely in and around Woodstock. They play gigs all over the tri-state area but concentrate in the Hudson Valley.

Current members of the band are Jay on lead vocals, saxophones, keyboards, and flute, Peter Dougan on guitar, Kyle Esposito on bass and vocals, Ross Rice on keyboards and vocals, and Manuel Quintana on drums. Other some-time members include Carlos Valdez on percussion, and Will Bryant on keys. Past members include Connor Kennedy, Lee Falco, and Brandon Morrison.

Their release, “The John Brown EP”, came out in the fall of 2016 and was recorded direct to tape at Waterfront Studios in Hudson, NY. For this recording, Jay called on his band-mate from the Gregg Allman years, NYC guitarist Scott Sharrard, as well as the youthful sensation from Woodstock, guitarist and vocalist Connor Kennedy, along with the rest of the Northern Resistance.